Headshot of Hamoud Salhi.

Hamoud Salhi, Ph.D.

Title: Professor of Political Science, Associate Dean and Senior International Officer
 Center for International Education
Email: hsalhi@csudh.edu
Office: (310) 243-2547
Cell: (323) 274-5688

Contact Preference: Email

Areas of Expertise

International Affairs, Internet and New Media, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, Political Rhetoric, Politics: U.S., California, Social Media and New Media, Comparative Politics: U.S. Middle East, Northern Africa, Arabian/Persian Gulf, Terrorism, Islam, Democratic Transitions in Third World, Foreign Policy, Global Security

Professional Background

Dr. Salhi is a tenured professor with the Political Science Department. Currently, he is a tenured political science professor as well as the Associate Dean of International Education and Senior International Officer. He served as CSUDH Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Dean of the College of Natural and Behavioral Science Sciences. Prior to these positions, he chaired three departments in three colleges: Chair of the Political Science Department; Chair of Public Administration; and Program Director of the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding program. Prior to CSUDH, Dr. Salhi was a political analyst and senior writer for Gulf News, the leading English-language newspaper in the Arab World, and was a columnist for Algerian newspapers El-Khabar and Ech-Chaab. Dr. Salhi appears on Algerian national television, Algerian radio, the BBC, China Global Television, and Al-Jazeera. Currently, he writes a weekly column for Algeriediplomatique.com

Dr. Salhi’s academic research is in international politics and comparative politics with the Middle East and Northern Africa as his area of study. His work is in on the impact of information technology on society, politics, security and economy in the Middle East and Northern Africa. His latest research project examines the effectiveness of the IT strategies undertaken by Arab governments in the area of scientific knowledge building as a means to reduce the digital gap in the Arab world.


Ph.D. and M.A., Political Science, University of Southern California

B.A., University of Algiers


English, French, Arabic

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