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Experts in the News

Headshot of Scott Cheatham.

As we start getting more knowledge about the importance of regular exercise and lifestyle modification, the physical therapist has become a key healthcare provider, and a direct access provider for active individuals.”

Scott Cheatham

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

From “7 Signs You May Need to See a Physical Therapist” – Livestrong

Headshot of Prakash Dheeriya.

Start with the lowest credit limit and slowly proceed to increase the limits over time. Have a talk with your children when paying the credit card in full when due. Explain the importance of meeting due dates and paying for their purchases in their entirety.”

Prakash Dheeriya

Professor of Finance

From “Parents’ Guide to Debit and Credit Cards for Kids” – MoneyGeek

Headshot of Beverly Palmer.

The first thing that research shows in terms of physical or sexual attraction is that we tend to initially be drawn to people that are similar to our physical attractiveness.”

Beverly Palmer

Professor Emerita of Psychology

From “Why Do People Seem More Attractive at the Airport” – Business Insider