Ambyr Hardy, M.A.

Title: Professor
(562) 285-3213

Contact Preference: Email

Areas of Expertise

Cultural Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, American Indian Studies, Biocultural Research, Mixed-Methods Research, Nonprofit Management, Museum Management

Professional Background

As an applied cultural anthropologist and educator, Professor Hardy loves to explore the diverse and beautiful ways humans learn and adapt to their physical and cultural environments. She believes that collaboration is our species’ key to success, and loves working with people to solve problems using her”ethnographic toolkit.”

Hardy is experienced in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility work (DEAI), including providing resources and training to diverse audiences, and including navigating the challenges that arise from different perspectives and experiences.

Hardy is a skilled human resources manager who focuses on community building, and excels at program development and project management. She is committed to positive social change and believes a more equitable future is rooted in implementing organizational and structural justice.


M.A., Applied Anthropology, CSU Long Beach

B.A., Cultural Anthropology, CSU Long Beach; minor in American Indian Studies